Dog Trekking tour

Dom.Sun.3.Nov.2013 h. 12  Sleddog Int'l School,  even under some hard rain it is ALWAYS an immense privilege for me and our Alaskan Husky "Lucky" to make a Dog Trekking tour on our 4 Km. Dryland Race trail with my differently able SUPER Musher student on wheel chair >> Attilio Cortello di/of LIGNANO SABBIADORO (UD Italy) and his girl friend .. Nirva  with our .. Alaskan Husky "Sirrah".

Today we have tried for the very first time a fantastic anterior wheel attached to the wheel chair which allows practically Attilio to go everywhere with us.

A) .. the differently able musher MUST help actively with his/her arms and hands with gloves, to help in the up hills, to slow in the down hills and balance adequately with the body the wheel chair equippe
d with proper air inflated tyres,  

B ) .. the DOG used MUST be VERY well trained in the pulling and direction commands, calm, happy and going steady, 

C) .. the person accompanying the differently able musher MUST be very cautious about choosing the right trail and terrain avoiding dangerous side hills and obstacles which might result in the tipping over of the wheel chair and musher, selecting carefully a proper path to follow even in a difficult terrain !! Only when these important RULES are strictly followed ... THE SAFETY & FUN FOR EVERYONE IS 1000 % GUARANTEED ..

Word of Ararad Khatchikian Director of the Int’l Mushing / Sleddog School in Tarvisio / Fusine (Italy)

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