Alaska (USA) 2014

Alaska 2014

We are trying to create for all you super fans of the Dog Mushers magic World a operative base of our International Mushing School of Tarvisio (UD_Italy) and Italian Sleddog School in Ponte di legno (BS_Italy) .. even in the mytical "Last Frontier" .. in Alaska .. "Land of the midnight sun" indisputed homeland of the beloved sled Dogs and our awesome Mushing Sleddog Sport. Follow us in our trip

PART 32 : 11.Sept.2014 Old Murpy Dome Rd., Fox, Fairbanks ( Alaska USA ) Lance Mackey 's Comeback Kennel

 Such a awesome place, what a spectacular view and how precious is the friendship of this super Alaskan Champion and musher collegue ( who won his personal battle against the cancer and won 2 times the Iditarod and Yukon Quest in the same year !!!) and his marvelous Staff .. Della Severtson & Handlers with whom we are about to begin an important journey together

PART 31 : Sept. 2014 Two Rivers, Fairbanks, Willow ( Alaska USA )

 Typical Alaskan Cars Parade

PART 30 : Tue.Mart.16.Sept.2014 Anchorage (Alaska USA) Airport ..

 Iditarod & Yukon Quest veteran mushers and long time friends Hugh Neff & Ararad Khatchikian meet and fly in the same 9 hours flight with Condor Air Boeing 767 to Frankfurt (Germany). Video about this ... "encounter of the third kind" while talking about our beloved Alaskan DOGS ... is arriving soon. Good and Mega Life to everybody ;-) Photo by my dearest Alaskan Friend Bev .. the "Beaver" Beverly D'Atri

PART 29 Alaska 2014 : Wed.Merc.17.Sept.2014 5:30 pm

(Italy) fully in view from the airplane, after a 1 hour flight approx. from Frankfurt (Germany) and after the previous non stop 9 and half flight over the North Pole and Greenland with Condor Airlines Boeing 767 from Anchorage, Alaska (USA) ;-) Video with I Pad by Ararad Khatchikian.

PART 28 : Anchorage, Alaska (USA) Tue.Mart.16.Sept.2014

 Before going to the airport we take the car we used in the last 3 weeks, back to our very funny car renter Stanley who has always his pump gun with 12 gauge shots always ready on hand under his office' s "smoking skull" sign ... ... Even this is my sweetest and unforgettable ALASKA 

PART 27 : Anchorage ( Cafe del Mundo & Lake Stephan at Millenium Iditarod Hotel), Alaska (USA) Tue.16.Sept.2014

It’ s time to go back home to Tarvisio in Italy, one last tasteful cappuccino with much foam at the mytical “Cafè del Mundo” (which they tell me it will change its name briefly in “Black Cup” ??) in Benson Boulevard of which I am very fond of since my dearest Friend Leslie took me there the first time that I and my brother Armen arrived in Alaska for his first Iditarod Race in 1984. We’ ll take off in the afternoon with a non stop flight over the North Pole, Greenland and Norway to Frankfurt (Germany) and then change to Venice

THANK YOU ALASKA for the awesome emotions that you always gift me even if I have caressed, kissed and visited you so many times in the last 30 years of my life and I know you deeply better than many Alaskans! I LOVE YOU and I RESPECT YOU today and forever.

Part 26 : ALASKA USA, Fairbanks to Nenana Parks Highway, Thu. 11.Sept.2014

The Autumn’ s colors by the side of the Parks highway while we are driving to the South from Fairbanks in the Centre of Alaska towards Nenana and Talkeetna, are simply wonderful 

Part 25 : ALASKA USA, Anchorage, Baia di Turnagain Arm, Kite Surfing ,Sun.14.Sept.2014

On our way back by car from Homer and Kenai, before reaching the outskirts of Anchorage, at our left hand side we see some brave Kite Surfers challenging a very strong wind and the Pacific Ocean’ s waves with extraordinary maneuvers Video by Ararad Khatchikian & Ipad 

Part 24 : ALASKA USA, Homer, Kenai Peninsula, Sat.13.Sept.2014

Thanx to the invitation of a dear Friend of Kenai, today we went from Talkeetna at the feet of the mytical Mount Denali / McKinley to the sea harbour of Homer in the awesome Kachemak Bay in the Southern end of the Kenai Peninsula South of Anchorage

It has been a very long journey by car of approx. 7 hours but it has been worth it both for the extraordinary beauty of the Bay, of its majestic mountains, glaciers and for having seen directly the filletting of a enormous Halibut fish oh 160 pounds just fished in the Bay

A Halibut of such dimensions feeds a family of 3 persons for several months in a year and its meats are delicious and with high nutritional capacity. A true GIFT of MOTHER NATURE whose harvest is controlled by very strict regulations !!!

Video by Ararad Khatchikian & Ipad  

PART 23 : Kenai Peninsula, Alaska (USA) Sat. 13.Sept.2014

Stopping by the side of the Seward Highway in short distance from the Pacific Ocean after 4 hours of driving the car from Talkeetna through Anchorage, to take a picture of a very nice road sign, stretching the legs going to walk in a nearby wood and finding some marvelous Boletus Edulis mushrooms … even this is such a treat of Alaska .. My dearest Friend in Willow Helen Lundberg told it to me about her area but I did not beleieve it !! 

Part 22 : ALASKA USA Talkeetna, Fri.13.Sept.2014

Cars and registration plates in Alask

Part 21 : ALASKA USA Fox, Wed.11.Sept.2014 Fox, Chatanika River Valley (USA) 10.9.2014

Spettacolare vista nei dintorni di Fox, a nord di Fairbanks, della Valle e il canile del mio amico musher Ken Anderson (super Iditarod e la Yukon Quest musher). Thanxxx al suo gestore Luigi Rosa, a Lance Mackey ei suoi movimentatori / assitants Della & Raelyn per l'ospitalità Video impressionante s 'loro oggi di Ararad Khatchikian & Ipad

Part 20 : 10 Gio.11 Sept.2014

ALASKA USA Fairbanks, Pike’ s Landing on the River _ sul Fiume _ Chena & Fox. 
Last night marvelous and unexpected Northern Lights few minutes after midnight in the Fairbanks skyes .
Yesterday instead .. awesome vision of the Chatanika River Valley at the base of the White Mountains National Park where the trails of several local mushers lay starting directly from their kennels !! .
I leave it to you for any comment 

Part 18 : ALASKA USA Fairbanks, Terme Calde di .. Cheena .. Hot Springs Mon.8.Sept.2014

Today, as always when I am in Alaska, I went to visit with immense joy again North of Fairbanks the awesome Cheena Hot Spings of naturally hot sulphur and therapeutic clear waters where I always bathed in the outdoor swimming pool even at night at 50 ° below zero to watch astonished the marvelous Northern Lights 

Fall has arrived in Alaska with its awesome colors and a Cow Moose who was peacefully grazing by the side of the road to the Hot Springs has allowed me to take a close picture while her shy and little calf was hidden behind some bushes
THANXXXX MOTHER NATURE for the incredible gift that you have done to me today

Part 19 : ALASKA USA Fairbanks, Pike’ s Landing Resort Tue.9.Sept.2014

The incredible Italian origins of the City of Fairbanks !!
At the Pike’ s Landing resort very close to the city’ s Int’l Airport, I find accidently this magnificent sign which honors the memory of the VERY ITALIAN gold seeker Felice “Felix Pedro” Pedroni di // from FANANO ( Modena _ Italy) .. one of the Founder Fathers of the City of Fairbanks … and not only of that the sign says so ( read the English text in the enlarged picture

Part 17 : ALASKA USA Fairbanks, Two Rivers Sat 6.Sept.2014

t is really marvelous to be guests at my dearest musher Friend Sebastian Schnuelle and his awesome Family of 45 sled Dogs .

Sebastian has won the Yukon Quest in 2009 with 14 Dogs in 2009 and was 2nd in the Iditarod too in the same year with 16 Dogs !!! In 2008 he and I together with my Brother Armen have organized an expedition for RAI 2 Italian TV conducted by Marco Mazzocchi to cover the 1000 miles Race Yukon Quest from Fairbanks to Whitehorse with two 8 dog teams each to make the TV Rai 2 documentary "Yukon Quest in White Fang' s footprints". Sebastian is for me an exceptional musher and FRIEND !!!

Part 16 : ALASKA Two Rivers Fairbanks USA Sun.7.Sept.2014

The Italian/Armenian, German, Alaskan, American connection Team (Ararad K., Kyle, Jordan, Kate & Michaela) at Sebastian Schnuelle 's Blue Kennels

Next checkpoint of our trip at my long time Brother/Friend Pat Moore ( the "Yukon Man" Sky Tv series star ) in Tanana .. sul fiume YUKON River .. (Photo by Sebastian Schnuelle & Ararad K.)

Part 15 : ALASKA Tok USA Sat.6.Sept.2014

In the Indian town of Tok at the border with Canada I meet my musher friend Hugh Neff who invites me to come to his kennel and house to watch a training run with 14 of his sled Dogs lined up in front of a quad.

Hugh and I knew each other in the 1000 miles Yukon Quest Race from Fairbanks in Alaska to Whitehorse in the Canadian Yukon in which we were both rookies. He and many others over here ... remember me very well because at the drawing the starting numbers ceremony and official dinner of the Race in Fairbanks, I had with me my Ovation guitar and I sang for the very numerous audience in the hall my song “My Alaskan Quest” and the very Italian one “O SOLE MIO”

Part 14 : ALASKA USA Fairbanks, Two Rivers Sat.6.Sept.2014

It is really marvelous to be guests at my dearest musher Friend Sebastian Schnuelle and his awesome Family of 45 sled Dogs .
Sebastian has won the Yukon Quest in 2009 with 14 Dogs in 2009 and was 2nd in the Iditarod too in the same year with 16 Dogs !!!
In 2008 he and I together with my Brother Armen have organized an expedition for RAI 2 Italian TV conducted by Marco Mazzocchi to cover the 1000 miles Race Yukon Quest from Fairbanks to Whitehorse with two 8 dog teams each to make the TV Rai 2 documentary "Yukon Quest in White Fang' s footprints". Sebastian is for me an exceptional musher and FRIEND !!!

Part 13 : ALASKA USA Dom. 31.Aug.2014

Between Willow and Trapper Creek on the right hand side of the Parks Highway which connects Anchorage on the Pacific Ocean to Fairbanks in the centre of Alaska on some endless flat field is located the site of the start and arrival of the marvelous trail system of the  Montana Creek Sleddog Club Association former President Helen Lundberg .

Incredible beauty of Mother Nature combined with the intelligence and skill of the local mushers in using such an amazing natural resource and make in it available to all the fans specially of the sprint !!

Part 12 : ALASKA USA Tok Ven.Fri.5.Sept.2014

Valdez is a very special small harbour and town in the Prince William Sound (Pacific Ocean) .
The landscape around the Richardson Highway which winds up from there towards Fairbanks and/or Tok is breath taking with the immense Keystone Canyon waterfalls, the hanging glaciers around Thompson Pass, the Bold Eagles which observe you carelessly while from the top of the trees are trying to catch salmons in the river and the endless tundras around you.

Along the way we stop by in the awesome Indian village of Chistochina to visit my dearest super musher friends Heidi Sutter, her husband Darrin Lee and their lovely daughter Emily who studied for one year in Italy in a Lyceum in Modena and is enthusiast to speak Italian with us .
Before evening we arrive in Tok (last town with Beaver Creek in Alaska before the Canadian border ..) and we stay at the Golden Bear Motel where I greet as always when I come by this place .. the enormous Grizzly Bear after which this Motel is named .
Hoping to transfer in you my emotions in order also to tempt you to share them here with me and our Int'l Mushing School in a near future if you would desire so, I wish a Good Life and a super Good Day to all of You

Part 11 : ALASKA USA Fri.5.Sept.2014 h.10 am

In few minutes we are leaving the awesome harbour of VALDEZ in the Prince WIlliams Sound (Pacific Ocean) heading to TOK in the interior of Alaska at the border with the Canadian Yukon Territories (see the map in the previous posts..) .. Happy and Safe Trails to all of you too

Part 10 : ALASKA USA Thu.4.Sept.2014

Lake Louise, Glennallen (Glenn Highway) Copper Basin Valley this is the awesome Lake Louise ( NOT the one in Canada !!) which I knew thanx to my musher friend and super Iditarod and sleddog sport champion  Martin Buser
We came here to train together on this marvelous frozen and snow covered Lake also with Sven Haltmann with our dogs, in preparation of our 720 Miles run “In Balto’ s footprints” from Nenana to Nome, and how can I forget that with us at Lake Louise there was also my mytical filmaker/video cameraman .. Gianni Fachin ?!!
Good vision and Life to each of you

Part 9 : ALASKA USA Merc.3.Sept.2014

Strada Nazionale "Glenn Highway"  while continuosly looking for a convenient location for the activities in Alaska of our Scuola Internazionale Mushing - Sleddog Int'l Schooll in a awesome and fully warm sunny day we travel by marvelous places and hard to describe Ghiacciaio "Matanuska" Glacier, Sheep Mountain Pass enormous and pristine areas the chain of the Wrangell Mountains right in front of the little town of  Mt. Sanford,Mt. Drum, Mt.Wrangell & Mt. Blackburn  in front of the town of .. Glennallen

Good sharing of our emotions while waiting to experience them personally with you over here when you will come with us

Part 8 : ALASKA USA Merc.3.Sept.2014

In minutes we are taking off from  Anchorage to Glen Allen, Lake Louise e Tok ... Happy and Safe Trails to all of you too

Part 7 : ALASKA USA Sab. 30.Aug.2014

 Between Willow and the Parks Highway which connects Anchorage on the Pacific Ocean to Fairbanks in the centre of Alaska  passes with a bridge over the marvelous River >> SUSITNA - “ Sleeping Lady”  in Indian Athabaskan language.

On this same river which freezes up totally in Winter from December on we mid and long distance mushers run for endless miles with our sleds and Dogs
Incredible beauty of Mother Nature !!

Part 6 : ALASKA USA Mon. 2_ Sept.2014

The awesome vision of the start area of the mushing trails of the >> Montana Creek Dog Musher Club located between .. Willow & Trapper Creek directed by my mytical and dearest musher FRIEND >> Helen Lundberg  & some of the marvelous "antiques" displayed outside Mike' s shop on the Parks Highway  I adore my .. ALASKA

Part 5 : ALASKA USA Fri. 29_Sun. 31. Aug.2014

Today we got to know the mytical Jerry and his puppies
The view of Mount Mc Kinley ( "Denali" .. the greatest" in the Native Indian Athabaskan language ) from Talkeetna is simply stunning ! .
At the Annual Alaska State Fair in Palmer 2 Troopers smile happily at me.
Good day and Good Life to everyone ...

Part 4 : ALASKA USA Sab. 30.Aug.2014

After a layover in Talkeetna (  which is situated by the side of the Parks Highway between Anchorage and Nenana ) it appears in all its majestic beauty the marvelous  Mt. Mc KINLEY - Indian language  with .. Mt. Foraker .at the left side & Mt. Mather at the right side  Incredible beauty of Mother Nature !!

Part 3 : ALASKA (USA) Wed27-Thu.28.2014 Anchorage

Anchorage between a rain shower and another there is time to clean up quickly the home windows and then visit in Wasilla my dearest friends Joanne Potts & Star in the headquarters of the mytical IDITAROD 1100 miles sleddog
Race which I raced 2 times and my brother Armen 3 times, first even Italian teams

Thanxx -  Sanypet - Forza10 _ Forza10 USA Premium Italian Natural Dog Food to be by our side in our dreams Scuola Internazionale Mushing - Sleddog Int'l School Tarvisio (Udine_Italy), Scuola Italiana Sleddog_Huskyland Ponte di legno (Brescia)

Part 2 : ALASKA (USA) Tue. 26.Aug.2014

Condor Airlines Boeing 767 Anchorage Alaska (USA) International Airport super landing from Frankfurt (Germany) after 9:30 hours of awesome flight over Norway, Northern Sea, Northern Greenland, Southern North Pole Pack, Arctic Ocean, Beaufort Sea > Alaska !  > Alaska
Good evening and a Good Life to everybody


Part 1: the fly

Part 1: ALASKA (USA) 2014.Tue.26.August  after departing from Venice to Frankfurt today in the morning after 9:30 h. of awesome flight .. from Frankfurt (Germany) Condor Airlines / Lufthansa Boeing 767 flying over >> Norway >>Northern Sea >> Northern Greenland >>  Southern North Pole >> Isole di Baffin-Ellsmere Islands >> Mare di Beaufort Sea >> Arctic Ocean I got back in my  ALASKA 
Good Life and Day to each of you

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